First determine your total square footage your gonna want to be refinished, so you can set an appointment with our office to have us do a site visit to take proper measurements and job consultation. At that time we can view the condition of your wood flooring, what type of species, is it solid or engineered, any planks in bad condition and at that time we can answer all questions you may have for us. After viewing we will take your email address and always send you a formal proposal to reference by.

Wood Floor Refinishing Procedure:

Sand wood flooring down the bare wood taking off all surface scratches, existing color, we do a normal sand with 3 different grits of sand paper basically a rough, mid grade then fine grade in between mid & fine grade we then fill floors for cracks, small voids in floors, nail holes then finishing out with a flooring buffer that will eliminate any sand marks thus prep the wood flooring for a stain. We show wood stain samples on your flooring for you to select the color choice that is rite for you, (that way you get a true replication in color.) We then proceed with 1 coat of stain that you select from our DURA SEAL Colors these are penetrating wood floor stains. We then add 2 coats of oil base polyurethane or 2 coats of water base polyurethane and then finish up by installing all shoe molding and transition strips as needed.

*We do hang plastic in door ways, cabinets, kitchen, closets too.
* Flooring should maintained with [recommended cleaners only][0].
* All wood floor refinishing comes with a 1 year wear warranty and covers premature wear & tare, any pealing of polyurethanes.
1-component waterborne finish for residential or light commercial applications
Pall-X 96 Finish
Exceptional Flow and Leveling
Features and Benefits

Exceptional flow and leveling - Extremely forgiving
Not UV sensitive - Will not amber over time
Fast drying - Accepts light foot traffic in 4 hours
High wear resistance - Great for light duty commercial and high traffic residential use
Superior build - Deep, rich, finished appearance
Four sheens: Matte, Satin, Semi-gloss and Gloss
Pall-X 96 is a LEED contributing product (IEQ credit 4.2)

Which Polyurethane should I use ?

*Oilbase Polyurethane: is is the most common finish but because its a 45 year old technology it does have some cons. 1. Strong odor. 2. Extended drying time. 3. Turns yellow or amber tone.

Waterbase Polyurethanes: are fairly 20-25 years to the wood floor industry. This is a very strong finish, the basic finish is just a 1 component system but for stronger resistanace for wear you can use the 2 component which by doing so adds a hardner and a better bonding agent. We highly recommend waterbase polyurethanes as there is very little off gasing and give a modern finish look as well is more scratch resistant, slip resistant. Additional coat works great when you have small to mid size pets. Both finishes still are suseptiable to scratches but waterbase is way stronger. There is no polyurethanes on the market today that is rock hard but waterbase is the leader in finishes. Finishes by BONA, PALL.